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16 January 2016 the OAP and the walking wounded


As we moved into 2016, orders went bonkers with healthy eating resolutions and because others had their crops under water. Kale, kale and more kale, a good job it seemed to be growing behind us in the unprecedentedly mild weather. J-Lo was quoted in The Telegraph as saying her secret for staying young was eating lots of kale. Please, as if we needed any increase in kale orders. The way New Year’s Day fell, Saturday meant a full-day’s harvesting, unheard of even in the height of summer. Between Christmas and New Year, the show still had to go on, folk apparently had run out of food and we were quite busy, but I suspect this was partly to do with other growers who just said no.
Now the name of the game is leeks. For this I tend to see the boys off with the tractor, trailer and flask, A16 bound and head to the herbs or if I really play my cards right, the warmth of the squash drier. Things have hardly returned to normal, staffing has been in crisis, at one stage there was just this OAP and the walking wounded – Dicken with a bad back.
We had blue bells pushing through in the garden, violets, primroses and cowslips on Rudy, the lurcher’s, grave, honeysuckle coming into flower and nasturtium seedlings everywhere. A field of daffodils has been pulled locally. Grazing rye broadcast on December 9 after the celeriac crop was lifted sports a fine stand, showing no signs of the usual soil mauling we would expect that late. Our final rainfall tally for the year was just under 23” and we consider ourselves very fortunate indeed.
Work began this week on installing our security alarm system and CCTV and what a disruption! Oh that it should come to this. My wish list for 2016? Besides the usual of world peace and thought for those whose homes were flooded in the north – that our insurance claim for the workshop break-in be settled.
Pam, Clyde and Dicken
Strawberry Fields

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