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March 6 a stop/start sort of month


March is always a stop/start sort of month, so why should this one be any different?
Monday, we pressed on through the pain barrier to get the first outdoor lettuce of the season planted before the forecast rain, and I mean pain. Working until it was really too dark to see, three of us in rotation broke the Strawberry Fields’ record. I was asleep on the settee by 7.45pm and Clyde said he wasn’t far behind. Tuesday it was hard to believe we had planted forty thousand in a day, but my aching body said yes! With snow on the lunchtime forecast, it was all systems go to tuck them up in fleece.
Smile thieves, you are now on cctv. There is Clyde in the workshop carrying out maintenance to the brush weeder. There is the steam cleaner and pallet of module trays abandoned in the yard. But where is Dicken?!
After an interlude in Myanmar (Burma for the uninitiated) I am raring to go, but until soil/weather conditions permit, we work our way down the to-do list and cross off one by one the umpteen started but not yet finished jobs.
Pam, Clyde and Dicken
Strawberry Fields

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