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March 28 hunkering on down


After a brief sojourn in Berlin (Pam), the arrival of British summer time heralds in the time to hunker down on the farm, should conditions allow that is. Rain, rain please go away. We now have another pair of hands, a bit of a weight off our shoulders, having been joined by Mantas, a welder by trade back in Lithuanian, who has taken readily to his position on the back of the brush weeder, knocking the autumn sown onion sets and broad beans and salad onions into ship-shape and laying beds of mypex for planting through. The first spring sown broad beans and red onions sets are drilled and Clyde has given a tentative airing to the muck spreader.
Leeks are now obviously in short supply from the size of our orders and we move onto the final furlong with the late sowing. To think once we were left wondering what to do with them when sales to an outlet programmed in did not materialise, now we could sell them twice over.
We found a ringed starling, sadly deceased, flown in from Lithuanian. Having reported it, I hope to find out more details.
Talk about one thing leading to another. Having installed the cctv and alarm system, I enquired as to whether having lowered the risk, the premium would be less. Instead we need to insure it for malicious damage! With key fobs and cameras and agency staff that come and go, our farmhouse/facilities could no longer be the open door it used to be and we have had to install a hired porta loo on site. And believe it or not, they are highly desirable to thieves and we have had to insure that as well!
Pam, Clyde and Dicken,
Strawberry Fields

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